Are you a lightworker?

What is a lightworker anyway? I first learned of the word “lightworker” in a meditation group when the group leader first told me I was a “lightworker”. I became vey self-aware and asked “What is a lightworker?” I was then told to read Doreen Virtue’s Book The Lightworker’s Way: Awakening your spiritual power to know and heal. I went online and began searching for the book and ordered it. The problem was it was going to take some 5-7 days to be delivered and I needed to know what a lightworker was asap. So I went online and began my Google search and came out more confused. Finally Doreen’s book arrived and I devoured it! The book tells about Doreen’s personal journey and practical ways to clear one’s chakras, meditate, defines what a lightworker is and more.

From the book and my research I learned that a lightworker can simply be summed up by an individual who has come here (to earth) to help. Essentially, if an individual feels compelled to help any part of this earth or its innumerable inhabitants, including people, then you can be considered a lightworker. Lightworkers also tend to feel a need to protect those who are vulnerable or do not have a voice of their own and are very compassionate and non-judgemental.

There is a current trend in thought that the earth is being infused with lightworkers as there is a tremendous need for healing and advocacy for the earth and all the life forms living on it. So with this being said, Are you a lightworker?

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