3 Meditation Tips

1. Start to practice daily

 I know this might not be what you are wanting to hear but if you find a type of meditation that is working for you this can be an incredible experience. When I meditate daily, the visual parts of my meditation become increasingly vivid and profound. For me, I know that I have a busy mind so I find guided meditations help me keep my busy mind doing something.

2. Find or start a meditation group

Others and myself have found the meditation experience goes to the next five levels when you are in a group of people. Nearly all, not quite all, of my most memorable meditation experiences have happened when I was meditating in a group. These profound meditations were almost always when my mediation experience deviated from what the person was guiding me to do, but I try to go with it.

3. Just go with it

If you find that you are listening to a guided meditation but end up seeing and doing something entirely different from the script, just go with it. I have had experiences meeting my higher self and had a higher self integration when my meditations were going “off script”. I also find that it can be stressful when you are overly concerned with trying to stay on track with a guided meditation.

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