Why I Started Meditating Again

For the last 7 months my life has been C-R-A-Z-Y. I moved from Hawaii to a city in California I had never actually been in before, shipped my cars on a huge ship over the Pacific Ocean (which was an orchestrated effort), started a new job, lost my sister, started Seeds For Ascension, survived the holidays, helped my mom move, and then lost my grandpa. Whoa! With all that change going on I began to really notice I was getting “the spins”. “The spins” is a term I use when I become overly stretched in my mind and energy and feel as if I’m literally spinning. I began to realize that I needed to figure out a way to deal with it all without loosing my freaking mind! So I stopped and thought to myself “what works for you”?  I recalled another particularly stressful time in my life where meditation kept me from having a meltdown. So despite being distracted, busy, and frankly not that interested in sitting and doing nothing when I had loads of things to do, I restarted my meditation practice right away. Despite it being difficult to quite my mind, I sat for 5 minutes and tried to simply focus on my breathing…. and it worked.  While it was not incredibly miraculous and life changing from those 5 minutes, I did find that “the spins” had stopped and my breathing was slower.

I have now been meditating daily (well almost daily- I had a couple of days where it didn’t work out…) for the last 4 weeks and have felt the results. In the past I have mostly practiced guided meditations to satisfy my busy mind though I have practiced progressive muscle relaxation too. Recently I was inspired to challenge myself to try to completely quiet the mind and try meditations focused on breathing. I had tried these types of meditation in the past and struggled with the self discipline to redirect my mind to stillness and instead switched to guided meditations.

From restarting my meditation practice I have noticed positive effects on my mood. When I meditate in the morning my mood feels more stable, that is to say I have less fluxuation in my moods and I tend to maintain a very peaceful neutral state. When I meditate in the morning I find I literally have more time in the day and I have better work productivity. I had read that you gain more time when you meditate and was skeptical, but I can honestly say I its true! I find what used to take me 10 hours to do now takes me 7. I feel like I can stop a thought process if its unhelpful or negative and choose where and what I want my focus to be on. I also find I have less invasive unwanted thoughts throughout the day.

One of the best benefits I’ve experienced from these last few weeks meditating has been increased mental clarity/ focus. In the past I have tried to read the book Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan for something like 4 years and have not been able to have get through it. Let me preface that I’m an avid reader but the physics in this book were difficult for me to get through. Well, I recently picked up the book again and amazingly I am able to not only get through the material with focus, but I’ve been able to understand some of these very abstract physics concepts that I have struggled with before.

All in all its really exciting to see the day to day benefits from my meditation practice. I continue to experience more benefits as I continue to commit to this practice. Because of these amazing results I have decided to create and offer a FREE Meditation Exploratory Course! I am so excited and really can’t wait to get the Meditation Exploration Course out for you all! Stay posted!

Until next time have fun!!!

~Aya Wolfe

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