What I learned when starting my spiritual path

When starting a spiritual path it can feel very overwhelming as there is so much information. I personally found it can be confusing on where to start my journey and where find information that resonated with me. I was sure I needed a spiritual teacher and if I set my intention one would come my way at some point in a really cool profound way. I had built this idea that I would find this incredible spiritual teach up in my mind and couldn’t understand after a couple of years why this teacher hadn’t shown up.

What I didn’t realize was that I had and have everything within myself to navigate through the spiritual informational channels. I began to learn about more and more avenues to gather information and began to trust that I would eventually find the information that “resonated” with me. This involved a whole lot of research and patience which can be very difficult when you have a thirst and excitement to start a spiritual path. While I was very eager and often impatient, I found the journey was a lot of fun and started having profound spiritual experiences.

Interestingly, I began to find scientific evidence supporting my “wild” (as many people have told me) beliefs. An example of this is the fascination I have with Near Death Experiences or NDE’s. I had begun to accept that we were souls having a physical experience but these NDE’s were further evidence that there is more to us than these physical meat suites. Then I read Proof of Heaven by Alexander Eben who shares his NDE where he had meningitis where his brain was literally full of puss (sorry for gruesome detail but its important) meaning that his brain was non functioning. This means that his NDE could NOT be constructed by his mind as it was offline so to speak, and therefore he was having this experience in some other way. When you couple this account with the fact that there are thousands of personal NDE testimonies which have similar key themes, you being to realize that there is more to this than just people’s brains going crazy when one dies. (Check out this YouTube channel called After Life TV with Bob Olsen for more info on NDE’s https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-E4QUfJGD-tfOKJKSWltEg )

When you begin to find the bridge where science and spirituality meet which validate your experiences and support your belief it is SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITING!

Getting to the point (sorry this is becoming a bit long winded but I just love this topic!), when you are doing your research and find certain material sticks with you over a period of time and comes up in several unassociated sources, this means you are onto something! You are beginning to find YOUR inner truth and gaining confidence in yourself. This process is incredibly empowering as you begin to gain confidence in your ability to become your own guru! I think its important to mention here that just because something resonates with me and is “my truth” does not mean it will resonate with you and be your truth, and that’s okay! We should always be open and discerning and allow others to do the same. There may even be times you have some information resonate with you and later not resonate with you. Just be patient as its a lifelong journey and its best to always be open but use your own discernment.

I now realize that I certainly had help along my spiritual path in ways that were instrumental in my spiritual growth. I had spiritual teachers in all ages, sizes and colors who were supporting me along my journey. I didn’t recognize them as spiritual teachers because they were asking me questions to allow me to reflect for myself. They didn’t press their beliefs on me, but instead shared their opinions and allowed me to find my truth. They encouraged me to seek the information for myself and to become empowered. They encouraged me to be confident in myself!

If you have any questions about your spiritual path please feel free to email me at seedsforascension@gmail.com.

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