Shadow Work: Know Thyself

To live in this world can be very difficult. We experience a barrage of distractions, conflict, pain, and challenges. How are we able to reduce the negative experiences that cause us pain and suffering.

I recently began to look at where and why I am having blocks in my life. I began to do some inner work and looked at different areas of my life. I asked the good and hard questions such as: What do I want out of life? What do I love in my life at this time? What do I want to get rid of in my life at this time?

And then I asked a deeper question: What are the recurrent challenges I face in life?

A little deeper now: Why do I have recurrent challenges in my life? How has this manifesting in my life? (Example: in relationships, physical health, unfulfilling jobs,etc.)

Even deeper: What are my beliefs around the recurrent challenges?

Rock Bottom: Where, when and who did I begin to believe this way?

By the time I got to this last question I was feeling very very uncomfortable. (If this doesn’t sound that deep to you, I dare you to start from the beginning spending 5 minutes on each question and try it for yourself.) I felt like I was diving DEEP within myself and re-feeling the hardships I had experienced in the past. I was realizing I had responsibility in accepting this belief into my life and it was up to me to forgive and let go of this past experience and belief.

While diving into our past to process these past experiences is uncomfortable it is also incredibly powerful. To dig deep and unroot some of these issues is to clear the blocks we are experiencing in life and to allow ourselves to STOP REPEATING NEGATIVE PATTERNS!

From doing this work I realized that I was having blocks around my feelings of freedom. I believed that my freedom hinged on money. I believed that money was a scarce finite thing that required hard work to have. I realized I was having resentments with others who experience freedom and are not having to do this “hard work” which was “required” based on my false belief. I began to realize that I was creating limits and blocks on myself. I was not allowing money/currency to flow into my life to allow me the freedom I craved!

I realized that money is actually not finite. After a quick search I learned there is over $10 trillion dollars in US dollars with more money being printed daily. Keep in mind this is just the US currency and there are many other types of currency circulated.

If you are interested in working through some of the limiting beliefs or blocks in your life, spend some time asking yourself some of the above questions.

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