Hello and Welcome!

I am looking forward to working with you soon and am excited for all that Spirit has to share!

To tell you a little about myself, I have been on the path to learn more about Spirit since the age of 11. I have been on an ongoing mission to learn as much as I can about spirit, angels, hidden wisdom, and so much more. I have been to sacred sites around the world and met incredible people on the journey.

On this wonderful adventure I met my soul mate, work I am deeply passion about and happiness. You too can have this by living a spirit and heart led life! My job is to help you along your journey, which I consider an honor and a blessing to be apart of.

I have over 7 years of experience with assisting people to meet their life goals and navigating the path to reach their goals. I help them along the path with weekly or biweekly calls. I also have over 8 years of experience with past life regression, future life regression, between life, and higher self connections.

I am a certified Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Healer.