Shadow Work: Know Thyself

To live in this world can be very difficult. We experience a barrage of distractions, conflict, pain, and challenges. How are we able to reduce the negative experiences that cause us pain and suffering. I recently began to look at where and why I am having blocks in my life. I began to do some […]

What I learned when starting my spiritual path

When starting a spiritual path it can feel very overwhelming as there is so much information. I personally found it can be confusing on where to start my journey and where find information that resonated with me. I was sure I needed a spiritual teacher and if I set my intention one would come my […]

Best Ways to Reduce Stress!

With the crazy constant stimuli and stress we face every day with social media, advertising, deadlines, expectations, family, raising children, relationships and finances its no wonder we are experiencing more stress than ever before. Everyone knows Stress= Bad Health, but we might not fully understand just how harmful it can be for our mental and physical […]

Why I Started Meditating Again

For the last 7 months my life has been C-R-A-Z-Y. I moved from Hawaii to a city in California I had never actually been in before, shipped my cars on a huge ship over the Pacific Ocean (which was an orchestrated effort), started a new job, lost my sister, started Seeds For Ascension, survived the holidays, helped my […]

Finding Inner Calm and Being Present

Have you ever met one of those people who have an incredible calm and have simple and yet incredibly profound things to say? Its like every moment next to these people is a deep profound experience leaving us thinking for days afterward. The kind of person where just by being in their presence is to […]

3 Meditation Tips

1. Start to practice daily  I know this might not be what you are wanting to hear but if you find a type of meditation that is working for you this can be an incredible experience. When I meditate daily, the visual parts of my meditation become increasingly vivid and profound. For me, I know […]

Are you a lightworker?

What is a lightworker anyway? I first learned of the word “lightworker” in a meditation group when the group leader first told me I was a “lightworker”. I became vey self-aware and asked “What is a lightworker?” I was then told to read Doreen Virtue’s Book The Lightworker’s Way: Awakening your spiritual power to know […]