Higher States of Consciousness Workshop – 5 Day Workshop Intensive (Coming Soon)

Location: Mt. Shasta, CA

This workshop will focus on connecting with ones higher self, guides, learning tools for enhancing the meditation experience, connecting with Ascended Masters, and so much more! The itinerary for this Intensive is below.

Day 1:
Late Afternoon: Welcome and Intros
Evening: Guided meditation for grounding and energy clearing, evening star gazing
Day 2:
Morning and Afternoon: 3rd eye activation exercises, Seeing auras workshop
Evening: meditation to connect with spirit guides
Day 3:
Morning: Morning meditation and affirmations
Afternoon: Mt Shasta Pyramid group meditation- connecting with the masters
Evening: Drumming circle
Day 4:
Morning: meditation to connect with your outer guides
Afternoon: visit to Mt. Shasta and vortex
Evening: Group Past life regression- letting go of fears and phobias, life lessons
Day 5:
Morning: You call it- meditation, reflection of retreat- worksheets to review important information learned and ways to bring information into their life in a meaningful way
Afternoon: Goodbye's

Connect to your Inner Guru- 5 Week Intensive (Coming soon)

Location: TBA

This is an online program guiding you to connect with your Inner Guru (aka: higher self). In this workshop you will learn how to mediate, how to enhance your meditation experience, your own unique process to quickly connect with your higher self, and more.