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Hypnotherapy is a safe process which allows us to access the subconscious / Spirit mind in order to learn more about your life. We are able to guide you to relive past lives, future lives, between lives (life reviews), and even connect with your higher self. All services are also recorded and will be available to you for your reference. When you go back and listen, you will hear new things you forgot or you might even hear information differently.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression (2 hrs)

Experience a past life and learn what lessons from that life impact your life. In this session you will also have the opportunity to see who you have had past lives with as we reincarnate with our soul family.

During this session you will also get to experience the life review which happens once we pass away from Earth and move onto the spirit world. 

Cost: $150.00

Future Life Progression

Future Life Progression (2 Hrs)

Go beyond time and space to experience a life in the future. Since time is a man-made construct and doesn’t exist in the same way in the spirit world, you have the ability to experience a future life.

This  future life and can take you to other worldly dimensions or planets. During this session, you will get to experience the major events that transpire in this life and are guided through to the spirit world. Once in the spirit world you will get to witness the life review and learn of the major life lessons that happened.

Cost: $150

Higher Self Connection

Higher Self Connection (3 Hrs)

 With the Higher Self Connection experience, you can choose to experience a past or future life. You will also experience the afterlife review and finally connect with your higher self. 

We will work with you to ask your higher self pre-determined questions. The best part of this experience is you are able to learn directly from yourself about your life and how to move forward. This is a great experience for those who feel particularly stuck or lost on their life journey and want answers they can trust.

Cost: $200